Town Trail : Porrentruy

Porrentruy town trail1. Hotel-Dieu / Jura Tourism
2. Fountain of the Samaritan
3. St. Peter's Catholic Church and the City Walls
4. Catholic Parsonage
5. Juventuti (School)
6. Former Jesuit College
A. Seminary Tower
B. Foucault Pendulum
C. Botanical Gardens
D. Greenhouses of the Botanical Gardens
E. Natural Science Museum of Jura
7. Reformed Church
8. Venelle
9. Round Sphere Fountain
10. Gléresse city-palace
11. Standard-bearer's Fountain
12. Monk's Court Yard
13. Zaugg House
14. Faubourg and the Gate of France (on the east side)
F. Rooster Tower
G. Castle
H. Réfous Tower
15. Hôtel International
16. Auguste Cuenin 2 / Villa Pfister
17. Palace of the Covered Market
18. City Hall