Documentation: Panarchy

Panarchy is the end of the territorial sovereignty of the states (territorialism) and the voluntary free choice of governance or self-governance.

The originator of the idea of Panarchy was Paul Émile de Puydt.
In 1860 he wrote a seminal essay titled: Panarchie (original version in French)
(English translation: Panarchy).

In 1909 the text was re-discovered by the historian of the anarchist movement Max Nettlau who wrote an article praising the originality and brillancy of the idea.
Panarchy. A forgotten idea of 1860 (original version in German).

In modern times the best advocate of the idea is John Zube who has written extensively on it with a series of long and short essays some of which can be found on the web site.

Amongst the other thinkers and writers who have contributed to the idea in recent times we have:

For a personal introduction to Panarchy, people can refer to the following essay: